Starring The Bronx Singer

Friday, February 11, 2011 at 9:00pm
COME CHECK OUT A NIGHT OF NYC ROCK AT FATBABY! LOCATED @ 112 Rivington St. (Between Ludlow & Essex) Show starts at 8pm we go on at 9pm. 21+ $7 cover cheap drinks.

After being in a few bands, a couple of projects and doing a dozen auditions, Singer/ Songwriter David Manzano a.k.a "The Bronx Singer" now rides the rails of New York City spreading his Soul/Acoustic/Rock influence upon its people. With no "traditional" musical training David has been captivating people with his melodic rhythms, textured lyrics and powerful voice for the past 5 years. Although David has graced the stage of many New York local venues you can mainly find him performing underground. The Bronx Singer has been a "busker" performing on the trains ever since his first three- chord song. 
Born & raised in the White Plains Rd. area of the Bronx, David was influenced by rock, hip- hop, pop, reggae, R&B, blues and more recently flamenco. David bought his first guitar when he was 21 and unlike most guitar players he never really sought out to learn other artist's songs but rather write his own right from the very beginning. He was lead singer/lyricist for a local Bronx rock band named Savant and had been writing songs on the side for about a year; sharing one with the band. After two short years of gigging and one album production, the band decided to call it quits. It was at this point David knew he wanted to continue on his own. At first David didn't know what to make of his simple songs or if they were any good. So he took it to the people!
David would play his guitar everyday and try to find new techniques, rhythms, and combinations. Once he had written a song he would go on the train and perform it. Depending on the financial out come and comments/suggestions from passengers he would decide what direction if any to take the song as well as his writing style. Drawing from his own experiences growing up, he tries to convey the moments that link his own pain, love and fear to his listeners."I believe that it's when we feel most alone, we are the closest. Suffering in silence and sharing certain emotions link us to one another. We ARE all different but, very much alike." - The Bronx Singer
To date David continues to write songs and perform on the trains and other small venues & is currently looking to get signed to a major label or even "ghost write" for other artists and perhaps market his songs after further development.